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Building covenantal relationships among Unitarian Universalist women that equip us all to be better co-conspirators and allies in the movement for collective liberation.

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December 2015
Faithful Solidarity: Challenging the Culture of Fear and Judgment

(Action you can take anytime in December 2015 or January 2016)

The anger and violence directed towards Planned Parenthood and abortion providers, black lives, immigrants, refugees, and transgender people shares common roots: fear and judgment. This intolerance is not isolated or random, but rather the predictable consequence of stereotyping, shaming, and the willful dehumanization of individuals and communities. Faithful Solidarity is a call for religious leaders and faith groups to study, reflect, pray, speak, and worship about how this broken culture impacts our communities and our nation. It is an invitation to consider the emotional, physical, and spiritual consequences of fear and judgment, looking at both how it impacts others as well as the toll it takes on our own souls. And most importantly, it is call to action. How will we respond as faithful people? What can we do to challenge the culture of fear and judgment, guided instead by the values of love, compassion, respect, and justice?

An initial Faithful Solidarity Resource Guide is available. It is intended for use in December or January. If you would like to receive the guide directly as soon as it is available, please email and provide your name, city/state, congregation, and denomination. Planned Parenthood may contact you about the resource guide or other faith organizing issues in the future, but we will not add you to any lists.

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