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February 2019
UUWF Urges Action on SCOTUS Vacancy

The Unitarian Universalist Women’s Federation Signs on to Interfaith Letter to US Senators Urging Action on the Current Vacancy on the Supreme Court

The Unitarian Universalist Women’s Federation (UUWF), a national membership organization working to advance justice for women and girls, has joined with other religious groups, including the National Council of Churches and the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, in an interfaith letter to US Senate leadership urging them to swiftly fulfill their constitutional responsibility of providing “advice and consent” on whomever is nominated by President Obama to fill the Supreme Court vacancy.

We recognize, along with dozens of other signees to this letter, that “our organizations reflect a diversity of faith traditions, we share a common commitment to justice and wise leadership,” says UUWF President Kirstie Lewis.

The letter, sent to Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell , Democratic Leader Harry Reid, Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, members of the Judiciary Committee, and—later this week—the full Senate, expresses the concern that “a seat left vacant for an extended period of time—either through a delayed nomination or delayed consideration—threatens the ability of the government to operate at full capacity, as well as the ability of justice to be served in a timely fashion.”

“Justice delayed is anathema to us as Americans and as people of faith seeking to create a more just nation and world.”

The UUWF is an independent non-profit corporation, the oldest organization for lay women in the Unitarian Universalist Association. UUWF was formed in 1963 through consolidation of the Association of Universalist Women (believed to be the first organization of church women in the United States) and the Alliance of Unitarian Women.


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